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Created by disabled people, for disabled people; our CredAbility Quality Marks allow you to quickly communicate to disabled customers that you have made proactive steps to make your services, your building and your employment practices accessible and welcoming.

Nimbus Disability is a leading voice in accessibility. We support businesses across a wide range of sectors in connecting with our membership of over 400,000 disabled people utilising our Access Card Scheme.

CredAbility is a quality mark system we created over a decade ago and we are proud to have recently overhauled the scheme to reflect the expectations of our disabled customers and the needs and abilities of our several thousand business partners.

CredAbility Consists of 3 separate and interchangeable quality marks:

CredAble Provider CredAble Access CredAble Emplyer

CredAble Provider

The CredAble Provider Mark looks at the nature of the service you provide

A CredAble provider can demonstrate that they have anticipated disabled people's access requirements and made suitable adjustments to the way in which they offer their service, enabling disabled people to have equality of access to the services offered.

The appraisal process will be unique and bespoke to your organisation and industry but at a minimum will include assessing the following:

Accreditation must be renewed every 3 years and both the assessment and reassessment costs £500.

Once accredited you will receive:

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CredAble Access

The CredAble Access Mark is an assessment of the physical accessibility of the building you operate in

The main threshold for passing the verified Access assessment is that no aspects of the building will directly contribute to potential contravention of The Equality Act or prove detrimental to the Health and Safety of disabled visitors, whilst also enabling independent access to and exit from your building.

Throughout the whole process, emphasis of gaining accreditation relates to reasonableness, appropriateness and suitability of the built environment for the type of service being delivered and the type of premises being audited. As such there are no distinct Pass / Fail criteria but guidance for good accessibility.

Accreditation will be based on the assessors knowledge and understanding of the interplay between the needs of disabled people, Building Regulations, British Standards, Good Practice and The Equality Act.

Once accredited you will receive:

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CredAble Employer

The CRedAble Employer Mark is an in-depth look at the accessibility and inclusivity of you employment practices

Our CredAble Employer Mark is a mark which goes above and beyond commitment-based marks and consists of an audit of working practices and perceptions among your staff base.

We will examine several core areas of the employment journey:

An assessment for a CredAble Employer Mark will consist of:

Once accredited you will receive:

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