Validator Licence Agreement

Upon completion and acceptance of the terms of conditions, your organisation will be granted with an organisational licence key. This key will allow you to register the appropriate number of individual user accounts.

Terms and Conditions of Licence Agreement

  • All information should clearly state that The Access Card and its symbols are recognised by the organisation and have a policy detailing your interpretation of the symbols and your use of the card
  • Where customers are asked to submit their card information there is a clear disclaimer that entering this information will in effect authorise your organisation to verify that the information is valid
  • Customers are clearly and explicitly offered the opportunity to submit other appropriate forms of evidence of impairment / needs, and it is not implied that an Access Card is a pre-requisite for accessing reasonable adjustments


Organisations who hold a current CredAbility Quality Mark will retain their organisational licence key and this shall be inclusive of your annual re accreditation costs of £75.

Organisations not holding a current CredAbility Quality Mark will be subject to an annual licence fee of £100.


Validator Licence Application

  • You licence fee is £100 per year. Please confirm any speciific invoivcing arrangemtns or pruchase order references

Your licence:

£100 pa. Unlimited users

You validator licence lasts for one year and gives you a master account and the ability to add and manage subuser accounts