The Access Card

Access Card

“The Access Card will potentially revolutionise the relationship between providers and disabled people” – Simon Stevens


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The Access Card has been developed by Nimbus due to demand from both disabled people and businesses, each wanting a more efficient and dignified way to communicate needs and evidence disability. We’ve also ensured that it can be used as a tool for business to promote the work they do.

We have put most of our time and effort into making it a very useful tool for those involved in the music and ticketing industries and have developed a system whereby Individuals Access Cards can be validated remotely meaning that for the first time disabled people are able to purchase tickets in one simple transaction with a provider without having to send in additional forms of evidence.

This simplification for the industry has a beneficial impact on Theatres, Arenas, Festivals. Live Music Venues, Cinemas, Sports Venues and many more.

Accepting the Card

screenshot of the online validation tool

If you’re looking at accepting the card or using it to communicate a special offer you have a number of options:

Simply say that you accept it

  • NO charges involved, you don’t need to be accredited with CredAbility and you are not endorsed or listed on our directory
  • You are free say to that you accept it into your own literature but are not able to use any of our imagery

Get Listed

Submit an offer or information online to be added to our directory found at

  • No endorsement of services – listed but as not accredited

Use our CRM

  • Access our Online Validation Tool
    • Verify cards and the information they contain via a secure online validation system (designed for box office / ticketing purposes primarily)
    • Access to this is only granted to organisations that can demonstrate that their use of their card in this manner is legitimate and proportionate and that the disabled customer benefits from this
    • You need to complete this licence form:
    • Subject to annual license fee of £120 inc vat
    • Demo versions of this validator tool are available on request

Get CredAbility

  • Become a CredAble Provider (fee is £100, annual renewal £75)
    • You will be listed as a CredAble provider on our directory
    • Your validator licence fee remains free for the duration of your acreditation
  • Get your CredAble Access award – prices on application
    • Listed on directory as having CredAble Access

Plug in

  • We have created an API which can be integrated into your own systems in order to streamline things like online bookings
  • Get in touch directly for a test API code to have a play with some dummy data



If you’re not sure how this card will benefit you and your organisation please get in touch.