Workshops / Events

We’ve never particularly liked, or used, the standard training technique of standing in front of a sea of bored faces and talking at them for 3 hours.

The interactivity and the flexibility of all of our training sessions has always been a source of great feedback from course delegates and something we’re immensely proud of.

This has seen us develop a new kind of approach – The Workshop.

Our workshops and events are more of a facilitated meeting, consultation or networking event, either in house to tackle complex or difficult situations or perhaps to work across organisations and sectors who share common issues.

The beauty of our workshops is that we can make them as unique as you are.

New workshops will be announced here and across social media.

Complete the form for this page if you have a suggestion for a workshop you’d like us to cover

Got a suggestion for a workshop you’d like to see us run in your area / industry? Tell us here and get yourself a free place if it runs.