Retained Advice Service

Developed for clients who have a need for brief pieces of support we are now offering our services and expertise to your organisation on a retainer basis.

This is an arrangement we already have in place for a number of organisations who find it immensely useful.

By placing us on retainer you get a two hours of support per month which can be used however you like. Working within such a specialist area of law means clients with responsibility rarely have other peers internally who are capable of overseeing their work, double checking decisions or sometimes just bouncing ideas around and providing constructive feedback. Advice from statutory bodies such as ACAS and The Equality and Human Rights Commission rarely informs decisions making, which is where we come in.

This 2 hours can be used for:

  • Telephone / Video Messaging conversations
  • Email threads
  • Proof Reading
  • Attending meetings
  • Supervision and support
  • Site visits and more

In addition – if we undertake any chargeable work for you, for example Training, Access Auditing, Access Verification, Mediation – we’ll automatically discount that months fee.

“Due to the inconclusive nature of the equality act and the unique role I undertake within Live Nation it has been a massive benefit to have external support and guidance. Nimbus Disability have offered us a great and invaluable service at good value for money.”

– Senior Access coordinator – Live Nation


Typically this kind of support is available on our standard consultancy rates of £60 per hour. The retainer fee represents a significant saving for the following contracts:

A monthly Subscription £75

Six Monthly Subscription £330

Annual Subscription £500

When you sign up you will be given a unique reference number which will give access to 2 members of staff to contact us. Additional users cost just £5 per month.

To find out more about this service and get signed up get in touch