Parking Bay Management

As an award-winning disability consultancy service, we pride ourselves on bringing practical and innovative solutions for businesses to life and are now incredibly pleased to be able to offer a suite of Access Parking Management solutions for an inclusive future. 

Utilising the powerful technology we created for the Access Card scheme, NOS (The Nimbus Operating System) has the ability to integrate with other systems and ultimately manage accessible parking bays in the same way that we do to protect accessible seating positions and tickets in the live events industry.

Mark Briggs, Director of Partnerships is leading on this service:

The challenges of accessibility for disabled people have never been so prevalent as they are today.

The last 15 years have seen a global economic crash, a viral pandemic and now an energy crisis, but it has given us the ability to respond, think creatively and use technology for our betterment.

We are at a nexus point, with the drive for a responsible approach to our environmental and social future converging with the opportunity for not just equality, but that to excel, regardless of your situational circumstances. Corporate Responsibility and Social Mobility bring together the want and need to act.

Our vision around accessible parking management is to not just give a real life opportunity to effectively park vehicles and charge EV’s, but protect these designated functions for Disabled people. Our infrastructure is not just fully accessible and ring fenced for those requiring it, but one that is implemented and ratified by those that will use it. 

We are proud to develop and protect a mobile future for Disabled people.

ANPR Parking Enforcement Cameras

ANPR Technology can validate a vehicle to a registered Blue Badge on a bay by bay basis when integrated to the NOS

We’re working with partners to offer intelligent bay management solutions which can track and manage individual parking bays as opposed to traditional entry/exit systems which offer no protection of accessible bays and leaves then wide open to misuse. One camera can map tens of bays at any one time, allowing for minimal infrastructure work and cost. It can be also added as an extra layer on top of the wider and existing car park management.

Once a customer has registered their Blue Badge and Vehicle registration(s) into the NOS the camera will permit the customers to use the accessible bay and also allocate any discounts/automation operating in the car park or vicinity.

The added benefit is that non-registered users, that do not have an entitlement to use the bay, will be subject to a Penalty Charge Notice. This ultimately leads to a reduction in the abuse of accessible parking, ensuring its full resource is available to disabled drivers and passengers, which does not put them at a disadvantage in being unable to park a vehicle and fully access services and facilities.

Electronic Vehicle Solutions

Electric Vehicle chargers that not only are accessible, but will only operate for Blue Badge Holders and issue PCN’s when misused

Charging solutions for disabled people are currently at a pitiful level of infrastructure meaning that the option of purchasing an electronic vehicle is limited. Not only that but the limited charging infrastructure that is available is open to levels of abuse from non-disabled EV users that further reduce options for the disabled consumer.

We have worked with partners to integrate the same camera technology and customer authorisation process directly into EV Charging Points.

Our solution solves this in 2 ways. Firstly, we have the technology and relationships to ramp up the availability of accessible charging points and secondly, our innovative technology ensures that they cannot and will not be abused by non-disabled drivers. Not only do we have the technology to issue parking notices but we can also essential switch the charger off, refusing to give a charge and further reducing the incentive to misuse an accessible parking bay.

Testimonial – Nathalie McGloin

“Disabled people are busy people. We often have a daily routine that takes longer for us to leave the house in the mornings as well as the added time it takes to load wheelchairs or mobility aids into cars or wheelchair-accessible vehicles. 

“This is all time taken out of our day on top of jobs or social outings. What then adds to this is the time taken to find a disabled parking space outside hotels, sports venues, shopping centres etc and then searching for the signs that give you the information on the parking regulations for the particular venue you’re visiting. 

“It’s great to see the concept operated by Nimbus to create a more accessible city life for disabled people.

Nathalie McGloin; the only female tetraplegic racing driver in the world

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