Access Equipment

We have partnered with KTP to provide a range of equipment to enhance accessibility at your venue.

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Hearing Induction Loops

KTP Microloop is our Market Leading Induction Loop System, which has been specifically designed to enable organisations to communicate better with their hearing-impaired visitors. It is extremely easy to self-install and has very low power consumption. 

Portable Hearing Induction Loops

KTP’s Portable Assisted Hearing System is designed for use in conference, lecture or meeting room facilities, where people with hearing difficulties face real challenges understanding the speaker clearly due to surrounding background noises.

Fire SMS Alert System

Fire SMS is a fire safety product that informs deaf or hard of hearing people when the fire alarm sounds in a public place like a supermarket, shopping centre, hotel and library.

It helps service providers and employers comply with the Equalities Act and importantly it allows deaf and hard of hearing people freedom to move around buildings without the worry of missing an emergency alarm.

Wireless Refuge System

The KT5000 Wireless Refuge Communicator is a secure system for managing emergency voice communications between disabled refuges and the master panel in line with the requirements of BS5839-9(2011). The system also allows communication with disabled persons. It is a system that allows voice communication in either direction between a central control point and a number of other points throughout a building or building complex, particularly under the direction of management of firefighters.

KTP Long Range Wireless Pull Cord Alarm System

The KTP Long-Range Wireless Pull Cord Alarm system has been specifically designed to ensure that in an emergency situation when the pull cord is activated the alarm will be responded to promptly.

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