Nimbus Disability

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

A CredAble Provider aiming to make the Access Card its primary booking tool for disabled customers.

Nimbus Disability case study - Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

Nottingham Motorpoint Arena has a great range of services for disabled people and we’ve simply worked with them to put the Cheery on top and help them shout about their Access.

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham - a "Verified Accessible" location, as shown by this plaque on the wall outside the venue

The Arena went through both our CredAble Provider and our CredAble Access Awards to demonstrate commitment and accessible for disabled visitors.

A listing on the Access Card website further cements this commitment by talking directly to Card holders about how they meet their needs.

Martin Ingham, Deputy Chief Executive & Finance Director said;

We believe the Access card offers our customers the very best service in ensuring their individual needs can be met when attending events in our venue. Adding value through offers and discounts that encourages greater take-up of the Access card is an exciting development towards our long term goal of having it as our primary booking tool for disabled customers.

They were also one of the first venues to take advantage of our new Video Access Statement Service: