Nimbus Disability

Magically inclusive Merlin Entertainments

Nimbus launched its first Ambassador Video in partnership with Merlin Entertainment and took the opportunity to discuss the impact of the scheme on the company itself with Kate McBirnie, Merlins UK Resorts Theme Parks Accessibility Manager.

Nimbus Disability case study - Magically inclusive Merlin Entertainments

Magically inclusive Merlin Entertainments

Nimbus Disability and Merlin Entertainment have a partnership that aims to make Merlin's attractions, resorts and events more accessible for disabled people. Nimbus Disability is a social enterprise specialising in helping disabled people communicate their access requirements, and Merlin Entertainment is a leading, global leisure and entertainment company.

Under the partnership, Nimbus Disability provides Merlin Entertainment with a number of services, including:

Martin Austin MBE, Managing Director of Nimbus Disability, continued: “Ultimately our operating system lessens the administrative burden on disabled people at the same time as opening up equality of access to online ticketing solutions from West End theatres to theme parks.

Through the ambassador programme, we want to empower our Access Card holders to highlight the benefits of the scheme and give them a platform to share their lived experience with the growing number of providers and venues who work with us to improve accessibility for disabled people.

Merlin’s Resort Theme Parks Accessibility Manager, Kate McBirnie concluded:

We were delighted to welcome Nimbus Disability and Iona to Alton Towers to film this video.

By working with Nimbus over the past two years, we have greatly improved the visitor experience for disabled people who now have a seamless and positive journey when booking tickets that reflect their individual accessibility requirements.

It has also taken the pressure off team members at Alton Towers who can concentrate on providing a fantastic experience for guests – confident that the accessibility requirements have already been confirmed and validated by the Nimbus team.

You can watch the first Ambassador video describing the impact of the scheme on a personal level here:

The partnership between Nimbus Disability and Merlin Entertainment is a valuable example of how businesses can work together to create a more inclusive world for disabled people.