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Feedback from our Evidencing Disability Worshops

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We have now completed another Evidencing Disability Workshop and I wanted to take stock of how well they’re working and how well they’re meeting the needs of the delegates. So far we’ve had a mixture of delegates representing Premiership and Championship League Football Clubs and Theatres. The session I have personally enjoyed the most was the one with a mixture of all 3. This feedback from Ian James, Disability Liaison Officer at Swansea FC sums up why:

Did you find today’s workshop informative?
Yes, very. It was interesting to see how other clubs and the theatre representatives that were present were dealing with similar issues to our football club. It was as reassuring in some ways to find out that it was not just our football club that was facing the same vexing issue

The Chatham House Rule

When designing the initial session I wanted to make it something more meaningful that just am simple ‘training session’ as the subject matter is as complex and unique as the organisation trying to implement it and the needs of the customer that will ultimately be subjected to any new policy. For this reason I was determined that the session should allow for open and honest exchanges in a safe and confidential environment for all delegates – there should be opportunity to play devils advocate without fear of reprisal and that we could all work through extremes of ‘what if’ scenarios. The Chatham House Rule was the perfect tool for the as it also allows for the learning imparted in the session to be shared in wider networks

How did you find Nimbus’ approach to the subject matter
Excellent, a simple no-nonsense approach that encouraged honest and open discussions under Chatham House Rules which was both rewarding and cathartic.

Book on the next session

The next session will be held on the 15th April at the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield.


More Feedback

– I came away feeling much more confident and better informed when it comes to evidencing disability and have a much better understanding

– Gave a clear explanation of all the different evidence that is currently used to gain a PA ticket, which was very easy to understand, pointing out the potential problems and offered alternative solutions, which I found most useful.

– It is a great opportunity to share information with others and also seek advice and help.

– How did you find Nimbus’ approach to the subject matter
Very good. I liked the fact that the needs of a business was weighed up against the needs of a disabled person. A very fair approach.


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