image of sally sitting at a desk with the nimbus logo displayed onscreen

Nimbus welcomes Sally Blake as Lead Consultant

Nimbus Disability, one of the UK’s most prominent consultancy services for businesses working to improve delivery for disabled people, is pleased to welcome its newest Consultant; Sally Blake.

Sally brings a vast wealth of experience from a corporate perspective of working with disabled customers, primarily from her previous role as Senior Disabled Access Coordinator with Live Nation.

Sally and Martin working backstage with one of the acts from last years Download Festival
Sally and Martin working backstage with one of the acts from last years Download Festival

Live Nation have been a significant client for Nimbus for many years and the work has often developed into industry leading best practice.

In fact, it was in trying to improve the ticketing process for Disabled Customers at a Live Nation festival that The Access Card was born. The Access Card is now a nationally recognised form of communicating need across the Live Music industry and beyond.

Sally is looking forward to what the future with Nimbus will bring;

“After many years of working alongside Nimbus I am thrilled to now be part of the team.

“Over the last decade as a client of Nimbus I, my colleagues, my superiors and our customers have always been indebted with the advice and support given.

“After seeing the impact of this work from the outside it’s great to have the opportunity to do the same for many more organisations.

“2016 is already gearing up to be a busy year with lots of fantastic projects ahead of us.”

Sally’s arrival at Nimbus Disability presents some interesting areas for expansion, a few new projects are on the horizon which we will be sharing with you in our next release, watch this space for some very very exciting news.  

Martin Austin, founder and Managing Director of Nimbus Disability welcomes Sally on-board:

“Sally not only brings experience to the table but for us, as a social enterprise, we need something much more important and tangible.

Her new role with Nimbus will thrive on her enthusiasm, commitment, drive and above all professionalism; the balance of these assets are a rare commodity in this particular line of work”


You can get in touch with sally directly on 01332 404023, email or find her on Linked In