Disabled Customers: The Purple Pound and You

Purple Pound

“[The] purple pound’ figure from DWP show[s] that households with a disabled person have a combined income of £212 billion after housing costs”

Nimbus has, for nearly a decade, been supporting businesses to acknowledge and benefit from the spending power of disabled people.

This session covers:

  • Who are disabled customers?
  • What are they worth to you?
  • What are your legal obligations?
  • How does the Access Card help you meet your legal obligations?
  • How can understanding the card increase business?
This session is ideally suited to:
  • Front line staff in organisations which activly accept the Access Card
  • Staff at all levels of an organisation wanting to know more about how the Access Card works in practice
Following the course there will be a time limited offer for gaining CredAbility Accreditation

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