Now Launching ‘The Works’

Nimbus Disability is pleased to launch a new package of support services for businesses working on their accessibility and attractiveness to disabled customers

Since we started working with businesses in 2009 we have always offered 2 core services; Training and Access Auditing. 

Over the years these developed in their sophistication and a number of new services were developed along the way to meet the needs of our customers.

  • The first was the need for help and support; for someone to be at the end of the phone for advice or to help word difficult email responses to customers. This culminated in our Retained Advice Service
  • Later came our Quality Marking Services. We’ve worked with many organisations over the years to improve their working practices but never had the right channel to shout about these achievements. CredAbility was born and 2 of our quality marks remain popular to this day: CredAble Provider and CredAble Access
  • Finally, our most substantial development was created – The Access Card. This is now a multinational service for disabled customers and failing to acknowledge and welcome Access Card holders is the same as failing to welcome disabled customers.

You can now access all of these services in one fell swoop with our new package; ‘The Works’.

We spend one day on-site with you and your team – half a day looking at Access and half a day training and development. This is followed up with a desktop audit and some added extras:

‘The Works’ Package is targeted discounted full day rate of £2,000 which includes:

  • A physical access audit of your building in the morning (leading to a CredAble Access Quality Mark)
  • A review of in house policies and procedures (leading to a CredAble Provider Quality Mark)
  • An in-house training session in the afternoon
  • A fully completed Access Statement uploaded to our Access Card Directory
  • A years licence to use our Access Card Validation tool
  • 6 Month trial of our Retained Advice Service
  • A press release celebrating your achievements


“Nimbus came and delivered a quick and concise one day package which helped to advance our understanding of what it takes to offer a gold standard in accessibility use for our customers. Our staff benefited from the training and it helped impact how we deliver events in our venue.

“Cannot recommend more highly! “

Jonathan, General Manager of the venue SWG3