Evidencing Disability: More Feedback

After a number of additional Evidencing Disability Workshops the positive feedback keeps coming in.

These sessions are going to continue to run throughout the UK so please make sure you find one near you or let us have your contact details so we can keep you updated.

If you would be interested in hosting a session at your venue please get in touch directly to discuss why this could be more than worth your time.


Did the workshop meet your needs?

The workshop exceeded my needs in that it gave me a better understanding not just of evidencing and approving a customers’ requirements but also in understanding all information that feeds into that decision making process. It took me back to the basic blocks of the situation (The Equality Act, Reasonable Adjustments & Evidence) and gave me a clear understanding of how those key elements can work together to provide a better booking process and experience.

Absolutely. It contained lots of information that was new to me but also confirmed some of the things I already knew or was aware of and made them a lot clearer.

My main aim was to go to the workshop in the hope that it would confirm that our procedures were right and to find ways to better them. The workshop definitely met this aim.

Yes, its a very good opportunity to compare notes with other organisations and keep our selves informed.

Yes, we were looking to update ourselves and make sure that we were up to scratch in certain areas and the support given more than met this need.

Will the workshop change the way you approach evidencing disability

The workshop genuinely has changed my approach for the better. I am not afraid to ask a persons requirements because it is not asked to cast suspicion but to empower that customer to attend the venue without facing challenges or obstruction. Before the workshop I was uncomfortable when asking for evidence but now it isn’t an awkward question for me, it is a relaxed chat with a customer and more about getting to understand their needs than anything else

Yes – both myself and our team are now a lot more confident when dealing with our access bookings after the course

Yes, it already had in previous sessions but the ideas from companies in a different industry have only helped us further

Is The Access Card something you would consider bringing into use at your particular venue / club?

Yes, we champion the access cards and our customers are aware of it’s place in the market and many agree it is a great scheme!

We already do.

Yes, although I cant make these decisions, I believe the access card is more than adequate for us to accept but these decisions can take time

Was the session good value for money?

Yes, to me personally the session was invaluable. I have always wanted to provide the absolute best for our customers and feel the session has made me aware of the whole experience from a customer’s perspective.

Yes, the experience and knowledge gained is always useful.

Would you recommend this workshop / Nimbus / The Access Card?

Yes, absolutely!

Yes to all three

Yes / Yes (already have) / Yes (already have)

How did you find Nimbus’ approach to the subject matter

I found Nimbus’ approached the subject perfectly, very understanding of the problems venues may face and so equiped us with the appropriate wording and knowledge to overcome those problems without fear we are saying something we shouldn’t or asking something we shouldn’t

Very informed, realistic and understanding.

Are there any general comments you’d like to make

Just a big thanks for the session, after almost 8 years in my current role it’s refreshing to be taught something new and the approach to evidencing disability has improved to benefit both myself and my customers!

I think the work being done and the suggestions being made could make a real difference if rolled out to our industry.

A very informative session with good handouts, it was good for it to be discussion based and listen to different industries experience and what they do.

The trainer was awesome.

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