Inaugural Blog

Well, this is a strange first blog to be writing as it’s actually saying goodbye to the old blog!

blog screen capture

As you can see we have a new website which we think is a vast improvement on the old one and will keep you much more up to date with the comings and going of Nimbus, and also CredAbility. The merging in of CredAbility on this site gives a much clearer definition of who we’re talking to on each of the two sites and we can now use the CredAbility site for speaking directly to disabled people and keep the Nimbus portion for the business side of the scheme.

And so onto bye to the old blog – we will be keeping the blog open as an archive but from now on all new news and updates will be done here on the new site.

So that’s the past done and dusted – now to the future – if the past few weeks have been anything to go by we’re in for some exciting times ahead with Nimbus. The development of CredAbility has done what we’ve strived to do for a long time and that’s give proper recognition to good practice and to make sure that disabled people know where is best to spend their money, work, learn, socialise and more.



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