Disabled Customers: The Access Card and the Law

Wednesday, 10 September 2014 from 10:00 to 12:00 (GMT)

Derby, United Kingdom

image of the Access Card

Our latest training session takes a more in depth look at the legal and business case context behind the new Access Card. Its a perfect overview for front line staff which will give them the understanding of how to use the card to identify customers needs and respond to them in a way that is consistent with the Equality Act.

The Access Card is now rolling out and we want to offer the opportunity for all service based organisations and staff the opportunity to explore what it means to you. We look at where the card came from and how it makes your life easier when it comes to the Equality Afct (2010). We also look at how it can actually increase business for you.
We cover:

          • Who are disabled customers?
    • What are your legal obligations?
    • How does the card help you meet your legal obligations
    • How can understanding the card increase business?

This session is ideally suited to:

  • Front line staff in organisations which activly accept the Access Card
  • Staff at all levels of an organisation wanting to know more about how the Access Card works in practice

Following the course there will be a time limited offer for gaining CredAbility Accreditation

At just £20 per delegate you can’t afford not to come.

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