Disability Equality Training: Venue Hippodrome Casino

Disability Equality Training: New Date

28th May

10 – 1

Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square, London

£200 per head – limited places available

Nimbus Disability is known for great training experiences tailored to professional businesses; to help you when it comes to aiming your services to disabled people, we offer the UK’s leading consultancy service with our training seminars and it would be great if you could attend.

What is covered in our training?

Our Managing Director, Martin Austin delivers a20170714-155304 TPB Athletics Running Disability Summitn invaluable look at disability: covering what disability is, an overview of relevant legislation and the dos and don’ts of interacting with disabled people.

We cover:

  • Understanding of what disability is
  • Understanding the difference between disability equality and disability diversity
  • Awareness of legislation relating to disabled people
  • Understanding of what is and what isn’t appropriate conduct/terminology around disabled people
  • Understanding of how to improve access for disabled people – and why
  • Understanding of the benefits to your organisation

Disability Equality and Awareness is essential for anybody interacting with members of the public, makes you look at disability from a whole new perspective, it makes you look at disability from a whole new perspective, our talk is delivered by disabled people so you have reassurance that our information is honest, precise and to the point.

Feedback from previous attendees.

“In all honesty I thought I was already quite proactive and competent at considering accessibility but this session was so great because it challenged lots of the processes we use and made me think in a totally different way. I came away feeling like a door had been opened to a whole new way of thinking and approaching situations which was really refreshing and quite empowering.”

Head of Visitor Services.

QUAD Derby


Some of our previous clients

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