Changing Places Consultation

Proposals to require Changing Places Toilets in stadia, sports and leisure facilities

Last summer, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) consulted on increasing the provision of large, well-equipped disabled toilets, known as Changing Places Toilets. Although that website at that link says the consultation has closed, the background documents are available there and they have recently reopened a Survey Monkey consultation to do some targeted consultation for organisations in the sectors that will be affected by new requirements, which will take effect through statutory guidance underpinning accessibility requirements in Part M of the English Building Regulations.

MHCLG consulted on requiring these toilets in various venues including: “places of entertainment including stadia and auditoria, theme parks or places of assembly with a capacity of 2000 persons or more”; “cultural centres, including museums, concert halls, art galleries and faith centres with over 300,000 visitor expected per year”; “cinema complex/multi-plex of 5 or more screens or a seating capacity of 350 or more”; “theatre with a seating capacity of 500 or more”; and “sport and leisure buildings over 5000m2, including large hotels over 100 room capacity” – for new buildings, or those undergoing change of use, extension by 25% area or more, or for those undergoing material alteration. These would be in addition to standard disabled toilets.

The vast majority of respondents (over 1400 – the majority being users or carers) were content with MHCLG’s proposals, but they didn’t get many responses from entertainments, tourism, sport and leisure sectors, so it would be very helpful for them if organisations could respond to this targeted consultation by 5pm on 21 February. MHCLG would prefer responses through the Survey Monkey consultation site, but emailed responses can be sent to instead.