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Introduction from Jules:

Amanda takes great pride in delivering a professional and personalised service and her customers are only too happy to say so!  Amanda is also generous with her time, giving up a day to share her legal expertise with the Disability Direct Carers group at an event at the Enterprise Centre a few weeks back.


What makes your service unique?

I visit clients in their own homes to discuss making Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.  I make two home visits, as I am present at the signing.  This allows my clients to ask me any questions about the wording of the Will including explaining legal terminology.  I travel by public transport so my business has a low carbon footprint.


What does being part of CredAbility mean to you?

It is important that my clients know that I am a trusted provider and that I go the extra mile to meet the needs to clients with or without disabilities.  It allows me to make contacts with other businesses who have a similar vision.


How did you find the process?

The initial process of accreditation only took a couple of hours of finding the correct paperwork.  The re-accreditation process was much quicker – but more expensive.  However, I only need to gain one client through CredAbility in the next 12 months in order to make it worthwhile


What effect has CredAbility had on your business?

Several clients have asked what CredAbility means, and the feedback is that they feel reassured to have a trusted advisor in their home.  Trust is particularly important when providing a service to often vulnerable people in their own homes.


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