Nimbus is one of the countries leading providers of disability related advice and support to business.

We provide a wide range of training and consultancy service and are also the creators of national schemes CredAbility Quality Assurance and The Access Card

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High street could be boosted by £212 billion ‘purple pound’ by attracting disabled people and their families


There is a growing understanding amongst businesses that disability, simply put, is good for business. Disabled People themselves have spending power in the UK of c.£80bn.

Their households have a spending power of c.£212bn; after housing costs.

This spending power which is heavily influenced by their perception of a business’s ability and willingness to work with disabled customers and employees.

There is a wider influence on disabled peoples social circles and also in how your business is perceived locally and in the wider community.

Working with disabled people is no longer just a case of meeting legal obligations – its an opportunity you can’t afford to miss and we will help you with your entire journey, from legal obligation to accreditation as a provider of choice for disabled people


“The Access Card will potentially revolutionise the relationship between providers and disabled people”

the purple pound business case of disability

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The Purple Pound and you: New Training dates

a purple pund coin

Back by popular demand; we’re pleased to announce a new date for our Purple Pound and You Training outlining the business benefits of attracting the custom of disabled people: What is the £Purple? The Purple Pound is revenue income of disabled people accross the UK, this figure currently sits at around £212 billion the DWP […] Read more