Demonstrate CredAble Access

The CredAble Access mark denotes that a building has been assessed as meeting core accessibility standards for disabled people. Where organisations show this logo it communicate quickly to disabled people that they are able to get into and out of buildings, use services and facilities and provide feedback.

Like our CredAble Provider mark retaining your award is based on how you respond to legitimate customer feedback.

The CredAble Access award is based on an in person visit from one of our suitably experienced Access Auditors. Costs start at £260 for an average assessment and only increase in terms of size of facility being assessed.

CredAble Access Application

Please complete this form as a precursor to a visit to verify the accessibility of your building. Once the form has been received a member of the team will be in touch to arrange the site visit. Completion of this form in no way acts as an agreement or a contract and only serves for us to be able to provide you with an accurate - no obligation quotation
  • Describe your buildings main use, the type of service it delivers and its usage in terms of visitor numbers, opening times etc
  • Describe the steps you have taken to ensure your buildings accessibility for disabled people
  • Drop files here or
      Please upload any files which you think might be useful for us. Include things like Access Statements or flyers.

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