Become a CredAble Provider

The CredAble Provider quality mark is designed to help you communicate to your disabled customers that you are willing and able to be able to provide them with good services.

We provide an initial accreditation based on your core competencies and capabilities but the real scrutiny comes directly from your customers themselves.

Retaining your Mark is based on how you respond to user feedback.

This allows for two things – firstly should there be any negative feedback it is fed back to us so that we can help you rectify issues quickly and appropriately. Secondly it provides you a tool for continual development of your services.

Your initial assessment is based on the following application form and costs just £100. Renewal of the mark is £75 irrespective of how many Marks you hold.

This accreditation is an organisational one which will cover multiple venues and locations if you operate on a national basis. Please indicate on the form if this is the case and we will arrange a bulk upload of locations to the directory.

CredAble Provider Application

CredAble Providers make a number of key commitments around providing a quality service to disabled people. Retaining the quality mark is based on feedback from disabled people about their continued commitment in practice. Take some time to tell us about how you currently, or plan to, meet the following commitments. The assessment is based on the customer journey so we will be verifying all of the information below from a customers perspective also

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