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The investment of training your staff is perhaps the most important investment you can make in terms of working with disabled people. This is why we have invested time and effort in perfecting the best overview for your team available.

Our Disability, Equality and The Law is easily our most popular and versatile training session and, because of the interactive style of delivery, automatically becomes a bespoke session unique to your own industry and needs.

Our sessions can cover a range of topics including:

  • Understanding what disability is
  • Understanding the difference between disability equality and disability diversity
  • Awareness of legislation relating to disabled people including The Equality Act
  • Understanding what is and what isn’t appropriate conduct/terminology around disabled people
  • Understanding how to improve access for disabled people – and why
  • Understanding of the benefits to your organisation
  • Ticketing policies
  • Evidencing Disability
  • The Access Card

“In all honesty I thought I was already quite proactive and competent at considering accessibility but this session was so great because it challenged lots of the processes we use and made me think in a totally different way. I came away feeling like a door had been opened to a whole new way of thinking and approaching situations which was really refreshing and quite empowering.”

If you want a more tailored solution to focus in more detail either get in touch for a bespoke quote or think about signing on to one of our workshops which change throughout the year.

  • I’m able to be more confident
  • I believe my perception has been fundamentally changed
  • I don’t feel as anxious about whether or not I am doing or saying the right thing as I once did.
  • It was really refreshing to have someone allowing us to ask potentially sensitive questions in a supportive environment.
  • I would like to add that the trainer was excellent
  • I wondered how a 3-hour session would fare but it was immensely absorbing and the time flew by
  • The person holding the session was engaging.
  • it was all interesting, some of it eye-opening.
  • it was interesting and thought-provoking
  • The course facilitator was excellent and the content of the course was interesting and thought-provoking.