‘The Works’

For many years now Nimbus have offered a range of popular services for organisations at various stages of their accessibility journey.

No matter whether you’re at the very beginning or just simply refreshing your offer we have created a single efficient package covering each of our main services. This can take you from novice to professional or simply package, fine-tune and acknowledge already great services and put them directly in front of your customers

‘The Works’ Package is targeted discounted full day rate of £2,000 which includes:

  • A physical access audit of your building in the morning (leading to a CredAble Access Quality Mark)
  • A review of in house policies and procedures (leading to a CredAble Provider Quality Mark)
  • An in-house training session in the afternoon
  • A fully completed Access Statement uploaded to our Access Card Directory
  • A years licence to use our Access Card Validation tool
  • 6 Month trial of our Retained Advice Service
  • A press release celebrating your achievements

Jonathan, General Manager of the venue SWG3 had this to say about ‘The Works’

“Nimbus came and delivered a quick and concise one day package which helped to advance our understanding of what it takes to offer a gold standard in accessibility use for our customers. Our staff benefited from the training and it helped impact how we deliver events in our venue.
“Cannot recommend more highly! “

For more information contact us on info@nimbusdisability.com, 0330 808 5108 or find us on twitter and facebook

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An aerial view of the amazing SWG3 venue


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