Mystery Shopper

Do you want to see how well your organisation is currently placed to meet the needs of disabled people?

We are able to recruit disabled people with a variety of different impairments in order to access your organisation (with or without your staffs knowledge) to see where you are now in terms of compliance with disability related legislation.

This type of approach can be really useful in circumstances like:

  • Gauging what the organisational culture toward disability is
  • Observing whether a particular member of staff performs particularly well or particularly badly,
  • Putting emergency evacuation procedures to the test without the need for a real emergency situation,
  • Ensuring recruitment and selection practices are accessible
  • Justifying the need funding for additional work (access audits / training) from elsewhere within the organisation

Needless to say, this service is 100% confidential and allows you to assess risk to your organisation with complete peace of mind