The hardest part of compliance with all of the legislation and good practice is knowing where to start – how far off of the mark are you? Are you already doing what you need to be doing? If you’re not doing what you should be – what do you need to change?

Our auditing services can give you a complete snapshot of where you, your services and your buildings are in relation to The Equality Act, Reasonable Adjustments, Building Regulations, British Standards and more. In a matter of hours we can focus in and give you prioritised recommendations (ranging from Urgent to Good Practice) at excellent value for money.

Areas for audit include

Physical Access

  • Have you made reasonable adjustments to the built environment to ensure disabled people are able to access your building and services?


  • Do you have appropriate policies and procedures related to access for disabled people?
  • Do HR policies reflect current legislative requirements?


  • Do you know what you workforce looks like in relation to diversity?
  • Are your disabled employees happy / confident in their role?
  • Are managers equipped to provide appropriate leadership / management?